This video was made not in an old motorcycle factory warehouse, but in a suburban home.  Using chroma keying, any background can be shot with the intention of being replaced leaving only the part you want.  In this case, all but the talented mechanic and the bench in front of him were kept while the industrial background was added.

Chroma is the Key

Chroma Key compositing or chroma keying is a visual effects and post-production technique used for layering different images together based on color or chroma hues.  A color is chosen in the foreground image to be replaced by a different image.  The color typically  chosen to be replaced is either green or blue.  This is because most skin tones contain little to no green or blue hues (except for some Sunday mornings!)

A close cousin to chroma key is luma key.  With a luma key, the portion of the image that is replaced is determined by brightness or luma instead of color or chroma.

To simulate driving scenes, large chroma key screens can be used outdoors with help from the sun!